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Gain direct access to military spouses seeking career opportunities. Homeport Advantage Job Exchange, LLC (Homeport Advantage) is a targeted recruitment and employment option for spouses and companies that desire to:


Connect Employers looking for individuals that possess highly valued characteristics.

Military spouses, veterans and family members are “tech-savvy, mobile, and more educated than their civilian counterparts” according to the Military Spouse Employment Partnership.


Military Spouses, in particular, are talented, distinguished, skilled and motivated with sound work values and a strong work ethic.


Subscription: Great value, affordable pricing. Please refer to the website under "About Us" or email for pricing sheet.



  • Homeport Advantage access to advertise up either singular or multiple postings.
  • Individual or monthly subscription rates available.
  • Web Advertising available.
  • No finder’s fee charged to employers. 
  • Negotiate directly with the employee. 
  • Employees are vetted and verified.


All employers, employers’ posts, and advertisements are subject to verification and approval and are at the discretion of Homeport Advantage discretion and availability of space. No warranties or guarantees of task or job placement. Refer to the terms of use for additional information.


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