Frequently Asked Questions

How does Homeport Advantage Job Exchange work?

It’s simple. The employer (individual, business or organization) registers for an account and posts a job on our network. Job-seekers can then register for an account and browse postings to find opportunities that match their skills. Homeport Advantage Job Exchange is not a referral service, but we provide a positive, flexible, and focused marketplace where the right people and the right jobs come together.

I’m an employer. What kinds of jobs can I post?

Almost any kind! Homeport Advantage maintains a diverse pool of job-seekers who bring an incredible array of skills to the table. Our job-seekers are part of the military-affiliated community, which means many of them have come to our area as part of a military relocation for their spouse or family member. Our Job-seekers are bookkeepers, teachers, gardeners, healthcare professionals, drivers, IT specialists, childcare providers, manual laborers, mechanics, retail specialists, customer service representatives, and much more.

I’m a job-seeker. How can I find work?  

Homeport Advantage was created for you. We know that sometimes it’s hard to get settled in a new community following a military relocation. Our network exists to help you put your skills to work and to find opportunities that help you continue the career you may have started elsewhere. To make the most of Homeport Advantage Job Exchange, simply create an account, tell us a little about yourself, and we’ll help you make connections that will get you back to work fast with an employer who values your talents.

Is there a fee for using Homeport Advantage Job Exchange?

We apply a posting fee for each job posted by employers. (Review Job Posting and Advertising. Fees are subject to change)

Jobseekers are not accessed a service fee on the money they earned from a job they are contracted to do, through the Homeport Advantage website. The money you earned you keep.

Is Homeport Advantage Job Exchange part of a military branch?

No. Homeport Advantage Job Exchange, LLC is not part of a govenment agency or a part of any military branch of service.

What is a micro-job? 

Micro-job is a short term temporary job. An example would be, if you were working on a project, a task or running an errand, and said to yourself I would pay someone to do this job for me, that would be considered a micro-job.




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